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Benoit Lefevère (2010)

Urban Environmental Economist
Agronomist Engineer
Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), Sciences-Po Paris
13, rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris,
Primary expertise:
Urban energy economics,  urban GHG inventory,  Transport – land use interaction,  Urban spatial organisation,  Real-estate and housing markets,  Building energy, Institutional analysis,  Urban energy modelisation and prospective,  Wedge Analysis & MACCs, Policy & tools, Carbon finance and cities,  Tools to integrate climate into urban planning,  Cities networks and post-2012 negotiation process.
Professional Experience
Since Jan 2009 Researcher, Urban Fabric program at Institute for sustainable Development and International Relations IDDRI – Sciences Po Paris (Think Tank and Research Center)
Sept 09 –March 2010 Visiting Scholar, Global Metropolitan Studies (GMS, Schipper & Deakin) and Institute of Urban and Regional Development (IURD, Cervero), University of California, Berkeley
2008 Post-Doctoral Research Scholar in Institutional Urban Economics
Research topics: 1) How do institutions shape urban policy decision?;   2) The role of Carbon Markets in fostering Urban Transportation Energy Efficiency.
Center for Energy, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University
2003 - 2007 PhD candidate in Urban Environmental Economics. summa cum laude
Research topic: Urban transport environmental sustainability in the cities of the South. “Transport – Land Use” couple in the heart of urban structuring processes
Centre of industrial economics (CERNA) – École des Mines de Paris - Tutor: P.N. Giraud
Since Sept 2009                Sciences Po Paris, LSE - Master “Sustainable Development”
                              Sustainability of Spatial Metropolitan Development
Since May 2009               École des Ponts (ENPC – ParisTech) – Master “AMUR
Regional and Urban sustainable development
Spring Semester 2007 Sciences Po, Paris – Master “International Affairs” speciality “Environment, Development and Risks”
Urban Transition in Developing and Emerging Countries
Commissioned Research
2010  Veolia Transport, Environmental Californian Laws (AB32 , SB 375)
2009 Organisation For Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE): Financing urban sustainability policies. Jointly with Renard, V.
2009 World Bank: GHG Emissions, Urban Mobility and Efficiency of Urban Morphology: A Hypothesis, jointly with Alain Bertaud and Belinda Yuen
2008Veolia Transport: Role of Carbon Markets in fostering Urban Transportation Energy Efficiency
2006 French National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS): Urban models review. Capacity to simulate transport – land use interactions, Housing and real-estate market dynamics. Jointly with Giraud, P.N. and Ruet, J.
2006French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development (MEDD): The Urban Energy Signature", construction of a synthetic, systemic and dynamic indicator of urban development sustainability, complementary to existing indicators.
2005 French Development Agency (AFD): Environmental sustainability of urban development in South countries.
2004French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME): Feasibility Assessment of a research program on “Do technology transfers to developing countries offer the capacity to satisfy sustainability challenges”.
Expertise Activity:
Journal Reviewer Journal of Transport Policy, Journal of Energy Policy, Revue Développement Durable et Territoires.
Since 2010 Lead Author for the 5th Assessment Report (AR5), “Cross-cutting Investment and Finance Issues” chapter, Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Since 2010 Correspondent in France for the Spanish Journal Ciudad Y Territorio
Since 2009 Member of the scientific committee of the think tank Land Use Study Group (Association des Etudes Foncières - ADEF)
Since 2009 Région Ile-deFrance, Assessment of the Vulnerability to Climate Change Impacts, jointly with ICE - BURGEAP
2009 - 2010 Think Tank CEPS, Bruxelles, Organizer (as Iddri) and Speaker: Task Force “EU and Global Climate Change Policy and the Increasing Role of Cities”.
Since 2009  French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development (MEEDDAT) and French Climate Ambassador, Member: working group on “cities, territories and climate change”
Since 2009  Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement (IVM), Member: Expert hearing on “The Californian paradox: laboratory of urban mobilities?”
2009GTZ, UITP, Veolia Transport, TRL, Member: Task Force “Bridging the Gap: Pathways for Transport in the Post Kyoto Process”
2007 French Development Agency (AFD), Prospective Mission in China: Feasibility of a research program on Chinese urban energy consumption
Summer 2008 University Los Andes, (E. Behrentz), Bogota, Colombia,
Analysis of the TransMilenio CDM
Mars – May 2006 Consulting Office Modelistica, (T. de la Barra) Caracas, Venezuela
Nov 2005-June 2006 University National of Colombia, (F. Montenegro)Bogotá, Colombia
Analysis of the BRT TransMilenio’s impact on the urban structure of Bogotá city and consequences on the energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
Nov. 2004-May 2005 Consulting Office SCE-CREOCEAN, Bangalore, India
Elaboration of the Urban Master Plan “Bangalore 2020”
April – Sept. 2002 French Research Centre CIRAD-forest, (A.Karsenty, P.Girard),Mali
Convergence between Clean Development Mecanism and “wood energy” Policy, applicability conditions in the Sahel and opportunity
June - August 2001 CESA / COSUDE, Riobamba, Equator
Project LICTO, participative agricultural hydraulic
June 2000 - May 2001 French Research Centre CIRAD-forest, (A.Bertrand, P.Montagne), Madagascar
Socio-economics study of the Palissandre process, from the forest exploitation to the local or national valorisation, or its exportation.
June – Sept 2000 Consulting Office BRL engineering, Nîmes, France
Study of environmental, sociological and economical impact of the new Mediterranean TGV (very fast train) route.
since 2000 founder member of the cyclo-tourism association Tripcycle (
2000 Video leader in the Fiathco Festival, Montpellier
1999 – 2000 Manager of the student Cafetaria, ENSA.M
1996 – 1998 Manager of the student newspaper, Lycée Saint Geneviève, Versailles
2002-2003 DEA (MPhil) in Environmental and Natural Ressources Economics
Major thesis: Urban energetic analysis, a tool to evaluate the sustainability of urban development.
Polytechnique (Godard, Henry), Ecole des Mines (Giraud, Glachant), Nanterre (Rotillon), INAP-G (Bureau), ENGREF (Mermet), EHESS (Weber, Hourcade)
2001-2002 Master degree in Economics “Policy of Agriculture and Regional Development”
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie de Rennes (ENSA.R) (Mahé)
1998-2000 Master degree in General Agronomics and Executive Engineering
École Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie de Montpellier (ENSA.M)
1996-1998 Classes préparatoires scientifiques (intensive undergraduate courses for competitive examinations to the top series of French executive engineering schools)
Lycée Saint Geneviève, Versailles
1996 French Baccalauréat S (Scientific), Lycée Stanislas, Paris
Languages & Computer Skills
English fluent
Spanish fluent 
German notions
Common use of Microsoft Office & Mac OS, Arcview, Mapinfo
Urban Economic software: TRANUS ( la Barra,
Chapter of a book 
- Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Le TransMilenio de Bogota, in Geopolitiques des Ameriques,Ghorra-Gobin, C., Medina-Nicolas, L. sept. 2008
- La Ville de Bangalore (Inde) face à ses ambitions mondialistes, EurOrient, n°23, 2006
- Les défis énergétiques de la croissance urbaine au Sud, le couple “Transport – Urbanisme” au Coeur des dynamiques urbaines, joint with PN.Giraud,in AFD/IDDRI, « Regards sur la Terre », Presses de la Fondation des Sciences Politiques, Paris, 2006
- Climate Actions Plans in France: Emergence, Limitations and Conditions for success, Jointly with Yalcin, M., submitted, 2010
- Scaling up climate finance for changing pathways in developing cities, Jointly with LI, J., submitted 2010
- Urban transport energy consumption: determinants and strategies for its reduction. An analysis of the literature, SAPIENS, on press Feb 2010
- Fitting Commitments by Cities into a Post-2012 Climate Change Agreement, Jointly with Wemaere, Working Paper, Ideas Iddri, 2009
- GHG Emissions, Urban Mobility and Efficiency of Urban Morphology: A Hypothesis, jointly with Alain Bertaud and Belinda Yuen, World Bank Paper, 2009
- Assessment of integrated “Transport – Land Use” policies potential to reduce long term energy consumption of urban transportation. A prospective simulation in Bangalore, India., ECEEE, 2009
- Enjeux politiques et géopolitiques du développement durable. Jointly with Tubiana, L., Gemenne, F., Constructif, 2009.
- The role of carbon markets in fostering urban transportation energy efficiency in developing countries. Assessment of the TransMilenio-CDM success. (Bogota, Colombia), 2009, submitted
- How does institutional environment shape urban policy decision? A new-institutionalist analysis of the decision making process in Bogota, Colombia. 2009, submitted
- Long term energy consumptions of urban transportation: A prospective simulation of "Transport - Land Uses" policies in Bangalore, Energy Policy, 2008
- Vision a largo plazo e interactions “transporte – urbanismo”, los excluidos en el exito del BRT TransMilenio de Bogota, Ciudad y Territorio, 2008
- Techniques et savoirs au service du développement de transport urbain durable, Transports Urbains, Mobilités, Réseaux, Territoires, 2008
- La réduction des consommations énergétiques dans les transports urbains exige une politique foncière active, Annales de la Recherche Urbaine,  2007.
- Transports urbains: intégrer la complexité!, Urbanisme, n°355, 2007
- Le financement des services essentiels dans les villes pauvres, joint with PN.Giraud, A.Maria, J.Ruet, Revue d’Economie Financière, n°86, 2006.
- Maîtriser le boom urbain du Sud , in Libération, 10 Nov. 2006
- Urban Transport, environmental challenges for the Indian cities’ growth, Ville en Développement, n°71, 2006, ISTED
Selected Conference
- Climate Sustainability of Urban Transportation in Poor and Fast-Growing Cities, IURD, UC Berkeley, Visiting Scholars Roundtable, 17th of November, 2009
- Fitting commitments by cities into a post-2012 climate change agreement: political, economic, technical and legal aspects, Task force CEPS “Global Climate Change Policy And the Increasing Role of Cities“, Bruxelles, 15 May 2009
- Les modèles Urbanisme – Transport et le développement durable, PUCA, atelier “Les facteurs de localisation des activités économiques et les préoccupations de développement durable: quelques focus”, Paris 19 Octobre 2009,
- Inclure les engagements des villes dans un accord post-Kyoto, Séminaire IHEDATE, Formation pour députés français, Paris 11 Juin 2009
- TRANUS: modèle intégré Transport – Urbanisme, Planning Agency, Grenoble, 20 Octobre 2009
- Energy consumption and CO2 emissions due to urban transportation in cities of developing countries, World Bank, April 7th 2008
- “Transport – Land Use” couple at the heart of urban structuring processes analysis. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions due to urban transportation in developing cities, Transportation Center, University of California, Berkeley, February 28th 2008
- Urban transport environmental sustainability in the cities of the South. “Transport – Land Use” couple in the heart of urban structuring processes.Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley, January 24th 2008.
- La soutenabilité environnementale des transports urbains dans les grandes villes du Sud. Le cas de Bangalore,Atelier X/EDF/AFD, Novembre 22th 2007
- Les modèles intégrés « Transport – Usages des Sols », outil d’aide à la décision, outil d’aide à la discussion, Journée ADP – Villes en Développement, Septembre 7th 2007
- Bangalore’s global ambitions and the danger of urban separation which they imply, IMASIE’s 3rd Congress, CNRS, Réseau Asie, MSH, Paris, September 26th-27th, 2007
- TRANUS, modèle integré “Transport – Usages des sols” et outil d’aide à la discussion, Séminaire « Mobilité et Développement Urbain », Association de professionnels – Développement Urbain et Coopération, 7 septembre 2007
- Bangalore: Refondation démiurgique ou renouvellement global?, Third Annual Conference on Global Asian Perspectives « From Shanghai to Bangalore: reappraising business models », UNESCO, Paris June 7&8, 2007
- Tranus: An Integrated Land Use and Transport Model, Presented at Chongqing University and Municipality, Chonqing, China, November 2005.
- Urban Energetic Signature, A New Methodological Approach for Indicators, 11th Annual Sustainable Development Research Conference - ERP and Research Institute for Social Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland, Helsi

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